Rugby in Asia

The 26th Baram Trophy 2010

The Baram Trophy, probably one of the olders rugby tournament organised in Borneo since 1978 during the high time of expatriates in Miri, Sarawak for the oil and gas under Miri Rugby Football Club (KRFM) then. The trophy, was named after the the Baram River in the fourth division of the state where the “orang Ulu” or the upper river people are originated from.

Sailen Tudu in the news again

Every time Sailen Tudu makes the trip back to his village in the troubled forests of south Bankura, he carries a few rugby balls with him a most unlikely gift from someone who grew up hunting and kicking a football around with playmates. But then, that is if you didn’t know he is the only representative from the state among India’s rugby probables for the October 3-14 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

The 7th International Fat Boy 10s

Okay – for those of you yet to experience the delights of rugby in Asia and the Middle East, can I please extend this invitation from the World Infamous Pot Bellied Pigs RFC of Hong Kong. Those who have taken part already – of course, – will need no encouragement. I give you, – Mr. Anson Bailey …

KK Sharks are Labuan 10s Champions

KK Sharks RFC is a social rugby club based in Borneo, which has been in existence for more than ten years. It started off as the Highlanders, a group of experienced rugby players got together and made rugby as a part of their lives. The club became dormant for quite some time and somehow felt that a new breath of air required for the team to rise up.

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