Finland Rugby Union

Finland Rugby Union

I have been meaning to add this website to my portfolio for some time and I honestly cannot remember when exactly it went live. I can remember however that it was my good ‘friend’ Lúcás Ó’Ceallacháin that recommended me – thanks Luke. So – I got an email from Stephen Whittaker and it seemed that the Finnish Rugby Federation had a website, but they were having trouble ‘communicating’ with their designer ….. ring a bell with anyone? Cue RuckinRugby.

I always hate to hear tales of unhelpful web designers but at the same time, it always provides an opportunity for RuckinRugby to come to the rescue. I chose wordpress for this site build as it was the best way I could find to address the ‘hurdle’ of having to allow content in both Finnish and English – not to mention the functionality to allow news stories to be added in either languuage and automatically sent off by email to interpreters for translation … neat.

So – that’s where we started and after a couple of weeks I got some fantastic images, a beautiful logo … and we were really off and running. I love this site and I do hope that we can keep working together and making it work for the guys over in Finland, maybe put their domestic rugby fixtures, results and league tables etc on the site … food for thought.

See the live site here: www.rugby.fi


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