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Things have moved on a lot here at RuckinRugby in the last 12 months and you will see a distinct difference between the earliest websites and those that have gone live this year.

Brand new for the 2014/15 season we introduced a new, simple price structure and features set.

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RuckinRugby ‘Club’ Package

The ‘Club’ website package costs from £175 to initially set-up and then £558 per annum ongoing (with option to pay £46.50 by monthly Standing Order).

This breaks down as:

Feature Monthly Cost
Domain Reg & Unlimited Email £2.00
Hosting & Maintenance £19.50
Anti-virus and Anti-hacking £5.50
Daily Snapshots for Backup £5.50
24/7 Gold Support £14.00
TOTAL £46.50
Ten Reasons to choose RuckinRugby

The RuckinRugby ‘Club’ Package features:

Complete site set-up with WordPress CMS
Logo re-draw and custom background
Homepage Slideshow
A club 'news' function complete with its own RSS feed
Ability to add advertisements on any page of your own design.
Fixtures/Results/ Selections/Reports function with league tables - per team
Unlimited Pages and Teams
Player Profiles complete with stats
Google map location page
Domain name registration (in your name) and auto-renewal
Unlimited email accounts with webmail
Anti-hacking and anti-virus security with monthly offline back-ups of your site
Complete social media package

RuckinRugby ‘Player’ Package

Prices from £145 to initially set-up and then £495 per season – details on application. Have a look at as an example of how your website could look.

RuckinRugby ‘County RFU’ Package

Prices from £145 to initially set-up and then £995 per season – details on application.

RuckinRugby ‘Union/League’ Package

Prices from £145 to initially set-up and then £1995 per season – details on application. Have a look at or as examples of how your website could look.

Most importantly, these packages don’t just include 24/7 support for problems, we also make ourselves available to make your site look as good as it can. We can do this by adding plug-ins and helping re-size images or create new pages and posts for you.

These may seem like small additions but they are the difference between on an online presence – and making sure that you as a club stand out in your area as the most professional and lively club.

Premium Design

The standard ‘set up’ fee is £145 and this involves branding a template theme with your clubs’ colours and ‘brand’. If you want your design to really stand out, then we can use a more complex and flexible theme and really go to town, like we did with The Women’s Premiership, or the Abu Dhabi Harlequins. The sky is the limit here, but prices start at around £350.


The last addition is the integration of our new ‘ClubHub’ system. You can integrate ClubHub with any of our packages and the additional cost is dependent on how many members you have. The main function of the ClubHub system is to allow your members to register and PAY their membership online, with a credit card. The collection of subs and the organisation of large junior sections are two primary concerns to our clients right now, and both are areas where clubs lose money. With ClubHub installed:

  • We guarantee an improvement in subs collections and timely payment.
  • ALL members are in a single database for your ease of management.
  • Once all members are in a secure area they can be assigned to teams and grades.
  • All internal club communication can take place in this secure area.
  • Notice boards can be placed online with public and private messages – easily.
  • Merchandise can be sold online during registration or any time to both members and non-members alike – MAKE money for your club.

There are many, many ways in which the addition of the ClubHub function can help make your club more viable and it makes all administration and organisation much more easy for you so that you can get back on the pitch where you belong. Just go to and have a look at the testimonials. You can use a 3 month trial for free and take it or leave it – we charge a small fixed fee of around £6 per ‘playing’ member per annum in the UK (please ask for other countries) and depending on how many members you have, you may well be subject to a reduction in your annual hosting fees too. You are invoiced monthly for this part and only for members that have joined that month.


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