Jungle Crows Update

Jungle Crows Update

Jungle Crows Rugby

Maidan Hazards: Game 1

The rugby season has now started in Kolkata with the Centenary Cup. The Jungle Crows will begin their defence of the Cup on Saturday but yesterday the Hazards took to the CCFC field in Round 1 of the Cup. For those that don’t know the Hazards are our second team and have really grown in the last couple of years to have their own style and group of players and supporters, this year led by Rajdeep. The Hazards played the Kolkata Police Sergeants Institute in a good game in difficult rainy conditions. 0-0 at half time and the Hazards really had the Sergeant’s under pressure for long periods but in the end the Sergeant’s nudged ahead with a penalty and then closed it of with a try at the end. But 8-0 is showing real improvement and the boys will take heart for their season from this performance!

And it’s not only about the rugby…..

We have given out the first of two scholarships this year to Sunny, who will attend the Scott Hotel Management School in Kolkata and study a BSc in Hospitality Management. We have done this in partnership with the Indismart Group who are based in Kolkata and work in Education and Hospitality. We will also be awarding another scholarship soon for one of our players to begin a BA in Hospitality from IIHM, another well known institute in Kolkata. As usual we are working to support all the boys and girls that train and play with us in furthering their education and development.

KISS and Roshan in the UK

Lots of friends will know Roshan, a great scrum half who grew up with Ashalayam and is now Coach to the KISS (Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences) team. On Sunday 19 June Roshan will travel with an U13 KISS team to play in the Mayor of Manchester’s TourAid Rugby. See this link which tells you more about KISS and the Tour.

Khelo Rugby…..Afghanistan…..Chennai…..Manipur

Zaffar’s Khelo Rugby programme goes from strength to strength in Kolkata. He now manages six rugby coaching locations with his two community coaches of Amirul and Tiger. Khelo takes rugby into some of the poorest parts of Kolkata where we coach tag rugby – giving kids with little organised activity in their lives the chance to play and participate in our festivals and tournaments (and come along and support the Jungle Crows!) In June Zaffar was invited to undertake the first coaching camp for the new Afghan Rugby Federation. He spent two weeks in Kabul and Jalalabad coaching 20-30 boys in each location the basics and fundamentals of the game. While Zaffar was away General Sir Peter Wall, the British Army’s Chief of the General Staff enjoyed an afternoon playing with the kids at the Khelo programme in Brooklyn, one of the most impoverished neighbourhoods in Kolkata. Khelo Rugby is now also in Chennai, where Coach Suresh already has a group of 8 government schools and NGO’s where he is busy each week. And we hope soon to add Manipur to the Khelo family – in May Zaffar and Nanda visited Manipur to begin the process of setting up coaching and we hope soon to appoint a full time coach in Manipur.

Jungle Crows Women’s Team

The Crows women’s team are still the reigning national champions of India, and we are working on a schedule of tours and games for the next few months that should see the team play in Pune, Delhi and Bangalore. To make this happen and push on with the women’s game we really need to find a dedicated sponsor for the team….this really isn’t that expensive….to get your name emblazoned on the front of India’s top rugby team, to benefit from that shared glow of success and to promote the development and promotion of women’s rugby…we are talking about no more than Rs 2.5lac or £3000 (or parts of)!

Work Force (it’s not only about the rugby – Part II)

We now have the Crows Work Force where all the players, supporters and coaches come together to deliver a community project. So far we have focused on clean up projects over a weekend – first was a derelict community hall in Kidderpore which was cleaned, scrubbed and painted to allow the community to once again use the space, second was a school playground that had been turned into a dump by the State Government – three abandoned buses were dug out of the ground and moved and more than 10 truck loads of garbage were removed. Smelly, dirty and very satisfying work!

Sevens – State Games & Howrah

Back in January the Crows won the Gold medal in the Bengal State Games. A great performance from the boys saw them beating Kolkata Police 34-7 in the final, especially satisfying when the team had lost to the Police on Day 1. The boys totally dominated a good Police team and enjoyed a great Kebab and Beer party as a celebration! Jump to May and we organised a one day sevens in a great little venue we have found in Howrah. Very near the station, a perfect pitch with grass and no cricket square in the middle. Very exciting (for us at least!!!) Crows lost in the final to a resurgent Armenian team, Ashalayam Pirate Ants reached the semi finals and the Hazards won the Bowl.

Rugby Uncle – News

It’s great that Rugby Uncle are able to support the work we do in India with fundraising efforts in the UK. I know the Rugby Uncle network is keen to expand so please do get in touch and see how you can be part of the effort! Rugby Uncle now also has its own 7s team RU7 and last month came second in the Caldy 7s. The team was put together by Tudu with boys from Hartpury and Mike with boys from Leeds Uni and was it seems pretty damn good! If you would like to play, coach, organise, manage or generally be involved with this team then please be in touch!

Abhishek and Sunny

Abhishek and Sunny who have both played and trained with the Crows for many years have been missing practice for the last year due to being awarded scholarships to study in the USA. Abhishek was in Miami studying Management and Sunny in Seattle studying Hospitality, both are back now and hoping that a year in the USA can be put to good use in developing their careers. They will however be running rounds of the Maidan for the next month as punishment for missing so much practice!

2011 Corporate Touch Rugby

March was our annual corporate Touch Rugby:
Cup Final: Jadavpur University beat PWC ‘A’ 10-5
Plate Final: Dos Minute Kella beat BOC 20-10
Bowl Final: HSBC beat Terra Indica 10-5
Tankard Final: Future Hope beat Alstom 20-10

Facebook: Crows, Khelo and Uncle

We have very active Facebook pages for the Crows, Khelo Rugby and Rugby Uncle. All our news is posted on these pages and lots of friends are sharing ideas and plans. If you are not a member then please do consider joining, and if you are please look up these pages and join in!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this update – Thanks All!

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