Paris Marathon for the TRT

Paris Marathon for the TRT

On April 10th 2011 I shall be running the Paris Marathon to raise money for the fabulous Tag Rugby Trust. Running with me will be the England rugby legend Catherine Spencer, Martin Hansford of the Trust and his brother Gareth. I went on tour with the Tag Rugby Trust (TRT) in 2008 – to India, and it changed my life. I am sure any visit to India changes your life, but the TRT tour immerses you into the culture from day 1 – and I really cannot recommend it highly enough – drop them a line and get yourself on a tour! I made friends on that tour that I still have now and will always have, – it’s just one of those tours.

Paris Marathon for TRT

Paris Marathon for TRT

Please visit our Just Giving page and give a pound or two – it really will put smiles on the faces of these young boys and girls. The TRT go to countries like India, Romania, Zambia, Mexico, Uganda and many more – then with a group of willing volunteers and a few bags of rugby balls and enthusiasm, they take a group of kids whom have often never seen a rugby ball before … and a week later stage a tournament involving them all. When I first arrived at my allocated school in Bhubeneshwar I was overwhelmed – not just by the sheer number of children, but by their impeccable manners, their willingness to learn and incredible ability to pick up the mechanics of rugby in no time at all … and of course, their smiles. Many of these children have no families and live at the school – working hard to build a better future for themselves and their character is humbling.

TRT Tour in India

TRT Tour in India


I have given my time for 3 months to train for this Marathon as a sign of the dedication I think these children deserve from me, in return for what they did for me – and continue to do for me each time I see a photo of them … and I am pretty sure that it will be my first and last Marathon! 😉 Every penny will go to the Tag Rugby Trust – and it will be spent on putting smiles on faces with a rugby ball. If you can’t sponsor me then just leave a message of encouragement, I know you would if you could – no worries.

Go on – you know it makes sense.

Yours in Rugby – Max.


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