Tiverton RFC

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Tiverton RFC

Tiverton Rugby Club are the oldest Rugby club in Devon – Founded in 1868 and many regulars in the bar still remember that inaugural season …. honestly. I’m only kidding, but they were a hard club to get hooked up to the whole wide eyed web idea, believe me.

Tiverton are my first club, my home club. I first played for Tivvy in 1978/9 as a hooker I believe and I never went back in the pack again! I played for Tiverton all the way up to Colts before joining the Army and leaving town, but they will always be my real home club. All these years on I am now back home and just a 10 minute walk from the club once again.

RuckinRugby was formed on the back of a pro bono, bespoke, cobbled together website that I did for them back in 2005/6. It worked for a while but then a better offer came along, or at least – the promise of one. This never materialised and halfway through the 2008 season, on my return from Dubai – I took up the slack and put up a temporary website to see out the season. We are now getting geared up for 2010/11 with a new coach, a new website – it’s all go and it’s all exciting and I have half an eye on the 3rds bench …. you never know.


TRFClogoTiverton RFC took up the new RuckinRugby 3.2 WordPress theme at the ned of the 2011/12 season and we have been busy preparing it for the new season. The Events Calendar has been a welcome addition and they have used it a great deal. The club have also been very busy adding images to galleries and getting to grips with match reports etc. We hope that next season will see a return of player profiles, with the addition of full stats too. Alex Pike has been a tremendous help and a most constructive injection of youth for the ‘silver’ club.

I also managed to get Tivvy RFC to ‘allow’ me to update their club badge which was in desperate need for a professional re-draw. We had to pay for it ourselves, but it was worth it and I hope the club will see the value one day. Branding and particularly – consistency of brand, is of vital importance and now we have a single iteration of the club logo that can be used for everything, including printed material and stash too.

Tivvy are a great club and they are MY club – you can see their website here:

visit website

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