The last time I saw Rob Stevens was when he was refereeing us (The Arabian Potbellies) against the Dubai Hurricanes. It was 70 odd minutes into the match and we were …. trailing. I was back at the centre spot, in the horizontal night rain – ready to re-start, I recognized his accent and it came to pass that he was yet another West Country rugby player hiding out in the UAE.

A year or so later Rob contacted me and asked about a website for the newly formed UAE Rugby Referees’ Society and here we are. Although the UAERRS are not using the classic RuckinRugby CMS (I have chosen to use WordPress on this occasion to mix it up) – our core values are still very apparent in the design and the attention to detail.

I am confident that this website will continue to grow as the society add more and more content for the public to see and in the ‘secure’ area for their members to use. As the dust settles in the Middle East and the rugby community start to get to grips with ‘Gulf Rugby’, the ARU, the UAERA and all the other bits and bobs that are flying around at the moment, I hope that the UAERRS will remain at the very core of it all. After all, they have a saying down at my club about referees: “You can’t have a game without one!”

See the live site here: www.UAERRS.com

Have a great season.

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