Women’s Premiership

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Women’s Premiership

This is probably the most excited I have been about a new project for RuckinRugby for some time. I knew I wanted to do this and my tenacity and desire to do it – along with a fortuotous ‘collision’ with Julie Marchant-Craig of Richmond Ladies – made it happen. Finally, a central ‘hub’ to focus everything you ever wanted to know about Elite Women’s Rugby here in England!

I was registering domain names and twitter handles one day, on the off chance I might somehow get this gig and I was spotted by Julie, who immediately inquired as to my motives. We chatted, we met, we chatted some more … and a plan was hatched.

The website build itself is nothing ground breaking, though we have used it to help trial some very new plug-ins from Themeboy – it was more about the ‘concept’ and getting everyone from the women’s rugby scene involved without stepping on anyone’s toes … and I think we’ve managed that. I really hope that this website along with it’s attention gathering social media channels, will grow to be the one place that everyone goes to to find out about not only the Premiership itself, but the whole women’s rugby scene here in England. Although the RFU are not directly involved at this stage, they have been kept in the loop throughout the project and no doubt we will work together as the website develops.


The Branding has been a phenomenal success. I went searching for a new ‘Graphic Design’ partner to inject some fresh ideas into my ‘JCF SEVENS’ project and I came across Anthony Costa down in Melbourne, Australia. He did a fantastic job and when this project got to the stage of needing something … I had a punt and gave him next to no brief, I just explained that it would represent the Women’s Premiership League and possibly be worn on the shirt sleeves of all teams some day. Anthony sent a single design and I loved it. I passed it on to Julie, who passed it on to her colleagues … we all loved it. No alterations, not even a tweak. That’s pretty phenomenal! This from Anthony:

“The shield symbolises rugby’s pride, toughness and tradition. It’s strong and solid, yet lithe and lively. The Women’s Premiership is all about world class athletes playing fast, fluid, running rugby. It’s a vibrant competition, and I wanted to capture the speed, colour and energy of it’s players in full flight.”


At this time we are still looking for a sponsor for the league and I think this is a great opportunity to be a part of something special, so spread the word. The sponsor’s branding would obviously be woven into the website and we would work together to make sure that it represented them well.

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